Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sketching 23

A quick sketch


Greg Broadmore said...

Lovely - be rad to see this one worked up. It's a great composition and I love the tones.

Jonas Springborg said...

Thanks Greg. I'm quite please with this as well. I spent a lot less time on it then I did on Sketching 22.
Really trying at the moment to get at more sketching styling into my concept art at work.

Rasmus said...

Hey Jonas. It has potential, but would like to see it with a bit warmer colors in the bounce light. ex

And maybe also work a bit with the pose of the character, he seems a bit stiff. (Yes, working on it myself as well, he he...never ending challenge)

very cool sketch my man

Jonas Springborg said...

Thanks Rasmus. Very cool image you linked to though it wasn't quite the bright summer sun I was aiming for.

Yeah, you are right, the character needs a second pass even though it is only a quick sketch.